Trusted supplier to over 400 pet retailers

Committed to the best standards of care to ensure quality animals

Responsible and caring approach to animal breeding

Essex Breeding Centre is a trusted supplier to over 400 pet retailers.  We have five self-contained units on 3 acres site, producing the best quality Syrian, Russian, Chinese and Roborovskii  hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice, and gerbils in the UK. By breeding on our own site, we give customers complete traceability of the animals they buy, and our colonies are fully sustainable for assured supply. We do not sell directly to the public but are always happy to direct enquiries to the close’s stockist.

We believe the quality of our animals are why customers return to us time and again and this is achieved by our commitment to animal care.


Here at Essex Breeding Centre we are committed to the very best standards of care to ensure quality across all our breeding colonies. From good stock, good care and good nutrition come quality animals for our customers. We pay meticulous attention to detail across all aspects of care and nutrition:

  • All our animals are cared for daily by experienced animal care staff.
  • We keep detailed records of all our breeding animals to ensure the quality and sustainability of our future generations.
  • To minimise risk of disease entering our units, all staff wear protective clothing and dedicated footwear. A mandatory day’s break is required before a staff member can move from one animal unit to another.
  • Our vet visits regularly to discuss the health and wellbeing of our animals.
  • We use a variety of housing to best suit each species and environment. Guinea pigs, for instance, are kept in large floor pens in keeping with most pet store environments. Our animals get used to people from the moment they are born.
  • Each of our units has its own bespoke heating and cooling system to regulate temperature, primarily to maintain a healthy environment but this also helps us maintain breeding success throughout the year.
  • All dry food is made to our own recipe and is supplemented with a variety of food types suitable for each species (cabbage, broccoli, carrots, apples, seeds and wheatgerm).
  • Our hay and grass is freeze-dried and tested against ringworm to keep this potential fungal infection risk from our ringworm-free colonies.
  • Animal weight is monitored, and we have minimum age and weight requirements before animals can be correctly and properly weaned

We are extremely proud of our responsible and caring approach to animal breeding and have an open-door policy for retailers who want to see how our animals are bred.